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Skin Care Tips for Taking Care of Aging Skin


When we get older, collagen and elastin production in the skin slows down, which leads to looser skin. This decrease in elasticity contributes to signs of aging and makes the skin thinner and more fragile, making it more susceptible to damage. As a leading provider of mental health services in Joplin, Missouri, we will share a few skin care tips for older adults:

  • Be gentle
    When bathing, opt for warm water instead of cold or hot. Make use of mild cleansers and bath oils that make the bathtub slippery for your elderly loved one. It also helps to avoid harsh soaps and hygiene products that are alcohol-based.
  • Remember to moisturize
    Older adults are more prone to dry skin. Hence, make sure you include moisturizing as part of their daily grooming routine. Moisturizing with a fragrance-free product that’s gentle on the skin will prevent itchiness and cracking that often accompanies dry skin.
  • Protect from the sun
    When your provider of elderly care in Missouri takes your elderly loved one out for a walk, be sure to dress appropriately. Wear protective clothing like lightweight long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and a wide-brimmed hat or sunglasses. This protects your loved one from the sun’s harmful rays.

My Destiny Home Care is an established provider of home care in Joplin, Missouri. We offer routine skin care as part of our services to look after all aspects of your elderly loved one’s health and wellbeing. Contact us today to set an appointment and learn more about our services.

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