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Personal Hygiene Care Tips for Seniors


Seniors need to maintain proper hygiene to stay in good health. If they have poor hygiene practices, they’re at higher risk of illnesses, rashes, and infections. Here are tips you can follow to ensure your senior’s hygiene and grooming needs are met:

  • Bathe regularly
    Bathing every day isn’t necessary for most seniors, however, your loved one should bathe at least every other day. If you’re unable to bathe your elderly loved one yourself, a professional caregiver from a nearby home care in Joplin, Missouri can help.
  • Practice good skincare
    Most senior’s skin is thin and dry making it prone to tears and abrasion. After bathing, make sure your loved one moisturizes their skin by applying a hypoallergenic lotion.
  • Maintain good dental hygiene
    Make sure your elderly loved ones brush their teeth twice a day and floss once a day. If your loved one has dentures, it should be rinsed after each meal, brushed daily, and soaked overnight.

If your senior loved one finds it difficult to maintain good hygiene on their own, you can rely on our elderly care in Missouri.

At My Destiny Home Care, we have caregivers who are well-trained in assisting seniors with their personal care needs. We also offer respite care, nursing care, and mental health services in Joplin, Missouri. Contact us now!

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