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Caregiver Staff in Joplin, Missouri

Gerard Mondestin
OwnerGerard MondestinCEO-Master of Arts, LPC/ Doctorate Student

Edmond Mondestin
Edmond Mondestin

Betty Willkins
Betty WillkinsOffice Manager/ Volunteer

Thaicha Charles
Thaicha Charles Business Manager

Allison Stone
Allison Stone CDS Coordinator


My Destiny Home Care was born out of a passion to minister to seniors in the world. Despite having already received a bachelor degree in Ministry/psychology, I went to a CNA school to be trained and equipped in order to carry out my calling. While my mother was going through her last days on earth, I had the privilege to care for her, feed her and provide companionship for her. When my mother was in Haiti, her own town, it was very difficult to find somebody or an agency that would provide that kind of care for her. The passion to care for my mother is the passion that drives me into this work. My goal is to do for seniors in the United States what I always wanted to do for my mother. The Bible instructs all of us to ”Honor your father and mother.” My obedience to this commandment comes with a promise that things may go well for me when I do so. Leaders of My Destiny do not treat our aging seniors as, “Just Clients,” but as family members. We treat them with dignity and honor.

I surround myself with a group of compassionate leaders to help me fulfill my mission by serving Christ through Serving Seniors.

The core of the services My Destiny Home Care provides finds its origin in the Word of God. The Lord wants us to serve and care for the widows and seniors (James 1:27). The thought that guided my care when I was working in a nursing home and home care was ”DO FOR HIM OR HER WHAT WOULD YOU DO FOR YOUR MOTHER.” My mother was very special to me.

The Leaders of My Destiny are committed to lead by example in everything they say and do. Our priority is to create a healthy and satisfying environment for our caregivers and other staff. We believe in treating our staff and caregivers with compassion, care and love and thus our clients will always receive excellent care that goes beyond their expectations.

We are proud to carry out the mission of God through My Destiny Home Care in everything we do, which we believe is an honor and a privilege to serve God’s people. We pray and hope that will assist our service recipients in living the life that God has called them to live.

The commitment to Serve Seniors through Serving Christ is the essence of our existence. The following commitments are the commitments that My Destiny Home Care will abide by in carrying out its mission.

  1. We believe … “God is the Author of all life, therefore every life needs to be treated with respect and dignity.”
  2. We believe … “Service Recipients will be treated with loyalty and respect when our Caregivers are treated with compassion and care.”
  3. We believe … “An open and transparent business will help us fulfill our mission.”
  4. We believe … “Honoring God on a daily basis, will honor, respect and demonstrate the Love of Christ in a practical way to our Service Recipients.”

It’s an Honor to have you as a team member or a client. My Destiny Home Care is established in memory of my deceased mother, Marie Yfita Petit Frere.

Gerard Mondestin