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Making the Bathroom Safe for Seniors

Making the Bathroom Safe for Seniors

Bathrooms are called comfort rooms for a reason – they provide comfort and relief. However, their very nature poses risks to our vulnerable loved ones. Smaller spaces limit movement. Wet floors can make slips. Going to the bathroom can be challenging and dangerous for our seniors.

The good side is that you can improve on this. Elderly Care in Missouri emphasizes the importance of safety. This can be achieved by getting the right home care provider and the right changes to your residence.

You can make your bathroom a safe and comforting place for seniors. Generally, house modifications should cover the specific conditions of the family member. Any disablement or need should be considered during the design of these changes. Here are some additions you can consider:

  • Sturdy and brightly colored handrails
  • Raised toilet seats
  • Visible bathroom item labels

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