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Home Renovations for Homebound Loved Ones

Home Renovations for Homebound Loved Ones

We are all excited to have your loved one return home. After all, home is the best place to be. Aside from enrolling for a home care in Joplin, Missouri, there are other tasks to accomplish in preparation – such as making sure your house can accommodate your homebound loved one.

Starting with movement, make sure there is enough space for them to move around with their wheelchair or while using canes.

Do you have stairs? Maybe re-arrange the rooms so they don’t have to climb up and down.

Are there elevated floors? You can install ramps for better access. Adequate lighting allows better navigation. With failing eyesight, seniors need the right illumination.

In their bedroom, check if the bed is accessible. Practice safe getting in and out of bed. Our elderly care in Missouri can help you with safe movements into the wheelchair or any assistive device. Bed railings can also be considered if safety is an issue. Consider placing a telephone or a bell next to their bed – somewhere they can easily reach. They may use this as a calling signal.

As your home care agency, we can help make your home livable for your loved one. Consult with the experts from My Destiny Home Care.

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