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Brain Teasers for Mental Exercises

Brain Teasers for Mental Exercises

Caring for a senior loved one should not be boring. My Destiny Home Care provides exceptional and engaging elderly care in Missouri. We make this possible by designing a patient care plan that involves the patient’s overall wellbeing.

Our mental health services in Joplin, Missouri are very integral to what we do. Our thinking affects our feelings. When we exercise our brains, we are improving our brain capacity. Here are some brain teasers you can do with your loved one.

  • Crossword puzzles – the classic game of words and letters can go beyond those small boxes. Fresh crossword puzzles are easily accessible from the daily newspaper or online. It tests one’s vocabulary, memory, and knowledge.
  • Sudoku – a popular math game that can put thinking to the test. Some people love getting absorbed into the game. While this is usually played alone, doing it with your loved one adds an element of teamwork. Or you could be competitive by finding out the first to finish one set.
  • Riddles – whether you are in the car, in the hospital queue, or at home, you can play riddles with your loved one. You do not need to bring anything – just the knowledge of it. Take turns playing. You can also make it time-free to extend the fun.

An inclusive home care in Joplin, Missouri provides various services that can support your mental health.

Among our services include in-home mental health therapy.

Call us to know more.

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